Home sweet home!

Many of you will remember that last year I participated in an event in Champaign to help raise funds for an organization that reaches out to the homeless in that area. It was a great experience.

This year I’ve decided not to return as a box dweller, but that does not diminish the importance of what they are doing as an organization. One development they began as a result of last year’s event was a drop-in center in Champaign called The Phoenix, which is a place where the homeless and others can go for various events, activities, and also one-on-one discipleship, Bible studies, and other things.

Healthy relationships with Jesus at the center bring help and healing, and from what I’ve experienced that is exactly what is at the heart of what CU at Home is doing.

While I won’t be spending the night this year, one of my mentors from my college years, Pastor Ken Raymond, will be a box dweller. If you’d like to help CU at Home again this year, I would encourage you to support him.  He pastors Stratford Park Bible Chapel in Champaign, and many from Stratford were eager to support me last year.

If you’d like to see what the event is like, here’s a video I made last year about my experience.

If you would like to have an open discussion with your family about homelessness, a drive or walk through downtown Champaign on Friday evening, February 6, would be the perfect opportunity, and it would be a great encouragement to those who’ve chosen to give up their homes for a night for those who don’t have that luxury.