It’s OK to not be OK!

“On October 3, 2019 events were hosted across Vermilion County high schools and the community on the topic of mental health, depression, and suicide. Some of the key take aways from the day included:

  • 1) your thoughts do not have to become your actions
  • 2) everyone has worth, deserving of a life until a natural end, and
  • 3) if you are hurting, four of the most powerful words you can speak are “I need help now.”

In preparing for the event, Vermilion County high school students from all schools participated in making a video to demonstrate that “It’s OK Not To Be OK.” The following video shows students from across the county sharing their feelings, emotions, frustrations, and celebrations to promote the idea that everyone is going through something.”

— Seth Miller, Superintendent at Westville School District

This video was shot using Canon Cinema Cameras, DJI Osmo and DJI Phantom 4 drone.