1075381_10151660048519733_1876497101_oA couple of years ago, I produced a video for a missions group about the need for common language Bibles in remote regions of the Philippines. The video was successful in communicating this need, and Vernacular Video Mission International (VVMI) was able to raise over $30,000 towards Bible distribution.

The hunger for God’s Word in remote areas of the world is amazing. I hear reports from the field that when a few hundred Bibles are distributed, the demand isn’t satisfied — requests increase to thousands more. That tells me that God’s Word is meeting real needs, but there is a supply issue.

In the past few years, VVMI’s focus has broadened, with partnerships in Guatemala, Peru, and the Philippines, and they are looking at potential new ministry partners in South Africa, India, and many other parts of the world. In all these areas, heart language Bibles are in short supply.

We have incredible access to God’s Word here in the US, so when I was approached to create a follow-up video for VVMI on this topic, I sought out Pastor Marty and his extensive book collection. He gave up his day off to share how the Bible has impacted his life, how blessed we are in this country to have so many Bible resources, and how we can help others around the world gain access to the Bible.

Hunger for the Word – VVMI Bible Distribution around the world from Phil Gioja on Vimeo.