It’s awesome to work in our own town! Proud to be in Watseka and to work with a great company like T&D Metal. Phil was asked to produce three videos for them, one highlighting their heavy presses, one showing the production of their metal car ramps from sheet metal to shipping out the door, and also a tour of the entire plant floor.

It’s amazing to see the diversity of the work that goes on behind the walls of the T&D Metal building, and to feel a sense of pride in their ‘Made in America’ mentality.

Enjoyed a few moments of the beautiful spring morning shooting aerial video of the T&D Metal plant in Watseka today.

Setting up to send a GoPro through the paint line at T&D Metal in Watseka.

Bright and early morning back at T&D Metal to finish a project there. Did a little more work on their paint line, this time shooting their ramps getting a black powder coat.