From Chains to Freedom

From Chains to Freedom – New Video Series from Washington State!

‘From Chains to Freedom’ features ex-convicts who’ve come through the Washington State prison system. Many of them were at McNeil Island Prison, and the film features footage from there, as well as interviews on site.

Other than prison, the common thread in this film is the message that true freedom is found in Jesus, not in a change of circumstances. If you have doubts about God’s power to change a life, this film quietly confirms faith and presents a beautiful, joyful gospel message through lives changed. Huge thanks to Howard Penney of HP Ministries who brought these wonderful people together to help illustrate the power of personal testimonies.

From Chains to Freedom: The Fall – Part 1 of 3
Honesty can be difficult, but acknowledging our sin is the first step towards a new life in Christ. These ex-convicts talk frankly about the paths that led to their incarceration.

From Chains to Freedom: Only Jesus – Part 2 of 3
A changed life starts with Jesus. These ex-convicts talk about how they came to trust in Christ.

From Chains to Freedom: New Hope – Part 3 of 3
The message of Jesus gives birth to hope as these ex-convicts share how their lives are completely different today.

Thanks to Ben Lynn for his camera work, and Howard Penney of HP Ministries for inviting us to work with his group of partners in his ministry. Produced by Phil Gioja of Heartland Seeds / Center Street Productions.