Isaac Musgrave interviews Melany Jackson of C-U at Home on the steps of what could have been a new women’s shelter.

Phil and Isaac conduct an interview for their C-U at Home documentary.

This past month, C-U at Home has faced two significant challenges. The organization was pursuing a significant remodeling project on an aging home in Urbana, IL to provide shelter for about 6 women.  The project looked like it would be fairly straightforward until zoning issues arose. After months of preparation for this project, it was voted down by the City of Urbana.

The second challenge is in regards to the Phoenix, a drop-in center for the homeless in downtown Champaign. The property is quickly moving towards demolition, so the Phoenix is going to be forced to relocate or close.

Phil captures some cool drone shots of the proposed "Esther's Place".

Phil captures some cool drone shots of the proposed “Esther’s Place”.

While we definitely feel for C-U at Home, I believe these two issues are giving us the opportunity to show in our documentary how God can work in dark times if you don’t give up hope.

On the bright side, we’re excited also to share the story of a family of seven who moved to Champaign from out of state. Their plans for a place to stay fell through at the last minute, and they became stranded with no hope of shelter. C-U at Home stepped up, championed their cause, and found a couple willing to donate the use of their house for a year so this family could get back on their feet and start to rebuild their lives.

We’re also in the process of capturing interviews with many people who were instrumental in supporting C-U at Home from the ground level, so we’re learning a lot, meeting tons of amazing people, and our film is starting to take on a life of it’s own.


Interview with Andy Quarnstrom, Champaign Township Supervisor.

Behind the scenes, we’ve met some challenges ourselves during this production. From sickness, to vehicle issues, to discouragement and financial strain, it feels sometimes like there are forces pushing back against our efforts to produce this film. Despite the minor challenges we’ve faced, however, we’ve remained committed to completing this film. Here’s why: if we can motivate just one person to volunteer for the drop-in center, that person could potentially impact hundreds of homeless people in Champaign-Urbana. Even if that’s all we ever accomplished, in God’s economy this project would be worth it.

If you’re interested in this project, we’ve love to talk to you about it more. If you’d like to support this film, any donation would be welcomed! We’re working on less than a shoestring budget, but it’s been a great joy to give our talents in this way.


Talking with volunteer Geri Goldberg in front of the Phoenix drop-in center. The Phoenix is at risk of closing, as the building is on track to be demolished and redeveloped.