One of the most powerful ways to promote your business is to invite others to promote it for you. We produced this testimonial video for Joyful U, a mindfulness program designed to help participants get off the roller-coaster of life and find relief from stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. Our approach was to shoot interviews with multiple people who’ve taken courses with Joyful U, and then we created b-roll to help illustrate the concepts talked about in the interviews.

To show people what a Joyful U workshop is like, we created a highlights video of one which took place at the beautiful Crystal Lake Park.

To help kickstart Joyful U and help introduce people to Barbara Minsker and her story, we created this video with her in a natural park setting.

We also captured a keynote address with Barbara Minsker given for the Eastland Suites Lunch and Learn program in Urbana, IL.