cslbehring-entranceIt’s been a privilege to work with CSL Behring in Kankakee over the past year, and I’m looking forward to another year ahead. Because CSL Behring is a global company with production facilities in several countries, the Kankakee production facility decided to produce a video lecture series covering the processes and parameters behind their product line. Through this series everyone within the company can see how their products are created and why, and also will help further synchronize their global operations.

One of the benefits of this project that have trickled down to other clients is re-thinking how I shoot lectures. In the past it’s been a challenge for me to know how to edit lectures, but we’ve come up with a great template that allows powerpoint and speaker to be shown on-screen constantly, and I’ve used this style for several other clients since we began this project.

CSL Behring Frame Grab

It’s been exciting to continue this relationship with CSL Behring and to hear feedback from within the company. In just over a year this video series has already helped increase employee knowledge and understanding exponentially, on-site and off-site, and will continue to do so for years to come.