I recently did a video project for Restoration Urban Ministries, to help illustrate their story in a great format so they can share it online, on TV, and on DVD. Restoration is a homeless shelter, food pantry, church, and counseling center in Champaign, IL. They’ve been open for about 20 years.

One of the great things that I noticed about Restoration Urban Ministries when I was there is that it’s an organization that’s bigger than just one person. There are so many moving parts and pieces there’s no way one person could micro-manage enough to make it all happen. I met a few of the people there, have seen pictures of more, but I know there are still many, many more volunteers, staff, board members, and supporters that are behind this amazing organization, making it all run, making sure that it is an effective ministry, and ensuring that it will be for years to come.

If you feel moved to support Restoration Urban Ministries, would like to see more stories from them, or know of another ministry with stories that need to be shared, let me know. I would like to continue to work with more ministries like Restoration in the future, and this project was completely initiated and supported by my friends and family.

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