St Pauls screening

St. Paul’s Lutheran School hosted the second local screening of our documentary The Phoenix: Hope Is Rising. Melany Jackson, founder of C-U at Home, and one of the people whom the film is about, came to help present the film and answer questions afterwards.

2016-04-03 19.39.44

Here are some of Phil Gioja’s thoughts written after this screening:

For me this is a childhood dream come true. When I was in high school and college I felt that God was calling me to be a filmmaker and to use my talents for the Lord, and this has been an incredible opportunity to fulfill that calling beyond all the other projects that I take on.

One of the things that’s weird about projects like this is I get so close to the story that I don’t always see the big picture. After watching the film again last night and listening to the Q&A, I realized that this isn’t just a film about homelessness, and it’s also not just a film about ministry. It’s a film about faithfulness. That struck me for the first time last night, and I’ll be carrying that thought forward to our next film screenings.

2016-04-07 10.09.32