As people, we face trials and challenges in life that can be very difficult, frightening, and debilitating. That’s why we’ve created a collection of short documentary films, titled “Fragile: Finding Jesus in Broken People”, that looks at how these followers of Jesus face intense trials and how they find peace and a firm foundation in the midst of life’s storms.

Here’s a summary of what is included in this DVD collection.

Rescue Stories: An artist, a mechanic, a painter, and a mother share how they’re rescued by Jesus.

Dan’s Loss: Dan’s daughter battles cancer and faces her last days as Dan struggles to find peace.

Kirby’s Injury: A debilitating injury pushes Kirby to rethink his priorities and ultimately experience grace.

Sarah’s Disappointment: Faced with a haunting ministry experience, Sarah questions her beliefs.

Bob’s Double Overtime: Diagnosis of a terminal illness turn Bob’s attention to his uncertain future.

Jim and Tiffany’s Marriage: Faced with the option of divorce, Jim and Tiffany instead choose forgiveness.

Bonus video: Watseka Flood!

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