Adjusting camera angle

Getting the perfect angle

Last year we began working with Iroquois Paving in Watseka, IL to shoot pre-construction site survey videos. The purpose of these videos is to capture a history of flags, paint markings, road conditions, and also lawn and driveway conditions to ensure safety and also to provide a record of the site condition prior to construction.

We’ve shot many of these site surveys using a handheld camera, but we just recently put together a demo using vehicle-mounted cameras in an effort to provide a more efficient method of capturing these jobsites.

In some instances, such as the below soon-to-be sewer installation project, walking with the camera is still the best method!


Shooting video of a sewer installation site prior to excavation this morning. Got a little off-roading action, glad I didn’t get stuck …

Off-road mudding action to get to the jobsite!

… I’ve learned a lot about excavation from Ted of IPC and always look forward to working with him even on sites like this one. – Phil Gioja’s Facebook post.

Ted points out new sewer route.