Phil Gioja has been involved in the production of Digging Dangers for 6 years now but this year, Digging Dangers Videos has become a permanent part of our company for the first time. We’re excited to explore how we can grow this training and awareness tool which is used across the country with excavators, first responders, and others involved in the safety side of excavation.

Digging Dangers 27 consists of two videos.

  • Fire on the Prairie is a compilation of major accidents throughout the year, including digging hits on fiber, water, gas, electric and pipelines. We covered five major gas-related damages in Illinois alone, including at least two fatalities.
  • When Things Go South is a gas-only video with information about what a gas leak looks like, sounds like, smells like, how gas can migrate below ground in sewers, and why calling 911 is so important when a leak occurs.

Here’s a three-minute preview of the opening of Fire on the Prairie:

Here’s a three-minute preview of the opening of When Things Go South: