Digging Dangers 24 Strike Three

For the past couple of years I’ve assisted Mike Parilac from Underground Focus Magazine in creating a compilation of major underground utility excavation accidents in an effort to educate those within the excavation and utility industries of the risks and dangers involved in digging around buried utilities.

DD24 Deluxe DVD Cover 3DDigging Dangers 24: Strike Three! DELUXE EDITION includes:

  • Analysis of major buried utility accidents from 2013, including the evacuation of the entire town of Milford, TX after a pipeline break, and the explosion of JJ’s Restaurant in Kansas City, MO.
  • Exclusive Digging Dangers Roundtable discussion between three one-call damage prevention field experts from three different states.
  • Homeowner’s Edition presentation featuring three 2013 accidents that will resonate with homeowners.

This year’s collection is the best introduction to the digging dangers involved in the underground utility industry we’ve ever produced. It is an absolute must-have for everyone in the excavation industry.