Oregon 811 Excavation Safety Course | Portland OR

Oregon 811 approached us due to our extensive work in the industry with Digging Dangers Videos as well as JULIE One-Call, Inc., Blue Stakes of Utah, and Planet Underground TV. Our goal was to create a 50-minute online course to help excavators gain a basic understanding of laws and best practices related to excavation.

Caterpillar Customer Testimonials | San Francisco CA

We were contracted by High Velocity Communications to shoot footage for two Caterpillar customer testimonial videos set in the San Francisco area. One story is of a high-end landscape company, the other is of a paving contractor. The focus was on Caterpillar equipment and dealer relationships, as well as GPS technology.  

E & N Hughes | Digging Dangers testimonial video

E&N Hughes, a water and sewer contractor based in Monroe, Wisconsin, contacted us after the release of Digging Dangers 27 to purchase a copy. In the conversation that ensued, we discovered that they’ve been using Digging Dangers Videos from the very beginning as a way to train their workers and discuss potential safety issues while

Digging Dangers presentation at Nebraska Excavation Safety Summit

Phil Gioja was invited to speak about our annual Digging Dangers excavation safety video at the Nebraska Excavation Safety Summit. There were roughly 800 excavators and utility workers present. Phil shared how he became involved in Digging Dangers, as well as showed video clips from Digging Dangers 27.

Digging Dangers 27: Buried Utility Safety & Awareness

Phil Gioja has been involved in the production of Digging Dangers for 6 years now but this year, Digging Dangers Videos has become a permanent part of our company for the first time. We’re excited to explore how we can grow this training and awareness tool which is used across the country with excavators, first

Iroquois Paving Corporation in Watseka Manteno & Monee IL

We’ve been working with Iroquois Paving Corporation for several years now, providing pre-construction site walkthroughs to record things like condition of existing concrete and landscaping as well as location of utility markings. As we’ve developed IroquoisCounty.tv, Iroquois Paving approached us and asked if we could create a video highlighting their highway and parking lot paving

Caterpillar Customer Testimonial in San Francisco CA

Family values, hard work, precision and technology epitomize the use of Caterpillar heavy machinery on this earth-moving project for a new subdivision. Scrapers dig into a hill and fill a ravine while graders level pads for new homes, all using sophisticated GPS technology. Phil Gioja of Center Street Productions worked with Tim O’Brien of High

MP NexLevel / MP Technologies overhead power installations – Houston TX

We continued the MP NexLevel / MP Technologies safety video project at their location in Houston TX, focusing more on overhead power installation projects as well as a residential job involving running a new underground line to a transformer. Really enjoyed working on this project and meeting everyone in Houston. During this trip we had

MP NexLevel & MP Technologies utility installations – Minneapolis MN

We were asked to create a safety video for MP NexLevel and MP Technologies to encourage their workers to observe basic safety requirements while on the job site. We went on a whirlwind tour of active jobsites in Minnesota, from gas and electric horizontal bore operations, trenching power ducts in downtown Minneapolis, to running fiber

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