First responders depend on their lights and sirens to keep them safe during an emergency, and DeCesaro Emergency Lights and Equipment in Pekin, IL has what they need.

Anthony DeCesaro needed video of a demonstration vehicle in action to show off some of his lights. We secured permission to use his vehicle in a small town near Watseka, which provided the perfect backdrop for his car.

One of the things I learned about Anthony while working with him is that he has also been a volunteer firefighter, so he knows the business and understands the importance of the functionality of these lights and sirens, and knows how to communicate with emergency responders.

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To make the video, we used GoPros, a tracking vehicle, and stationary shots to capture a variety of different angles from the front and rear of the vehicle. The town of Woodworth was perfect to show how the lights would look in shade, in sunlight, and against homes and natural backgrounds alike.